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Painting 101: 5 don'ts & 1 big DO

Our 5 don'ts...

1. Use cheap paint brushes

This can cause a bad finish/ Cheap brushes lose bristles and don't "fan" out well as their more expensive counterparts. This mean it won't apply paint smoothly onto the surface that you are painting. For cutting in, you are also risking not having that lovely straight line.

The right brush can really make a difference to the final touches. We mainly use these paintbrushes from Staalmeester. You can find them here.

Looked after properly, these brushes can last for a long time!

2. Just start painting

Preparation really is the key and we spend a lot of our time on this! Before we even think about painting, we need to ensure the surface is ready to go. From cleaning, sanding to the undercoat and primer, we need to get this right. This will depend on the surface

3. Use cheap paint

You may believe that you are being cost savvy when it comes to purchasing the cheaper brands such as am own brand paint. However, if you use the wrong type of paint, it could end up actually costing you more! Less expensive paints tend to be thinner and take more coats to cover - meaning you need more paint.

Some of the brands that we recommend: Crown, Little Greene or Tikkurila

4. Starts with the walls

The preparation is done. Now, where to start? Our advice? Don't start on the walls! When we begin painting a room we always start with the ceiling. This is because there is usually unavoidable spray when painting the ceiling. We don't want to be doing the walls twice.

5. Roll horizontally

When rolling the walls, it is best to start right at the top and roll vertically all the way down to the bottom. Keeping it as straight as possible. This helps to cover any lines, allowing for a smooth finish.

and our big do...

1. Hire a professional!

Ok we may be biased! Seriously though, this will save you so much time and money.

You don't have to worry about all of the above points. Experienced painters know exactly which paint and equipment to use in which situations. They know how to tackle any problems and how to get the best finish. The hardest part will be picking the right colours.

Give us a call on 01653 228279 for a free quote.

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